Almost every relationship, at least occasionally, requires help. Just like a house, a relationship requires maintenance. Also just like a house, if you don’t do regular maintenance, you will end up doing repair work for damages. Relationship problems, if left unaddressed, can cause toxicity and damage to the relationship as well as the individuals in the relationship. This is a website that strives to point you in the right direction for finding quality East Ridge, TN marriage counseling.

So here are some ideas for finding a marriage counselor:

  • Probably the easiest and quickest way to get a list of qualified marriage counselors would be to contact your insurance provider for a list of providers who are in your network. Insurance companies will not accept a provider for their networks if he/she doesn’t meet the necessary qualifications. Not all insurance companies reimburse for marriage counseling, but many of them do. Once you have a list, do some research on your own via the internet to read counselor profiles and websites.
  • There are many marriage counselors who provide marriage counseling. It may be confusing trying to find the right person so be sure to do due diligence in your research. Ask friends, colleagues and family about their recommendations.
  • Many counselors offer a phone consultation at no cost. You can call the counseling center or the counselor directly and ask if he/she would be willing to talk with you about your unique needs and specific situation.
  • Set up an interview with the counselor you’ve chosen. The first session is called an intake and assessment session. Many counselors use that time to evaluate the situation to make sure he/she is a good fit for you. During that time you can ask questions about credentials, experience and approach to marriage counseling. Be sure to ask the counselor if he/she has a program available to supplement your treatment.


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